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Janet Erskine Stuart Artwork

The Network of Sacred Heart Schools invited each school to select a student work to send to the Stuart Center in honor of the Centenary of Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ.  The artwork can be viewed in a "virtual exhibit" under the Centenary tab of the Stuart Center webpage.

  • Ode to Janet (mixed media) Pippa L., Convent of the Sacred Heart (Greenwich)
  • Janet Erskine Stuart (oil on canvas) by Alexa Economacos ’14, , Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Miami, FL
  • Horses (Rosary) by Elizabeth S.12th Grade
  • Hopeful Hyacinths (Sacred Heart School of Halifax) By Grade 3, Grade Primary and their art teacher, Ms. D'Arcy Wilson (SHSH Graduate of 2001).
  • Thoughts (Convent of the Sacred Heart, 91st Street) Digital Collage containing a watercolor portrait of Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ painted by Signy Coakley, Class of 2014; Photo taken by Katherine Kopatsis, Class of 2015
  • Nature’s Spirit (Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau , Louisiana ) By Yvette Chappuis (paint and collage work) and Jeanne Marie Meaux (photographer) Concept: 7th grade art class
  • Tournesol by Josephine Danielson, Duchesne Academy Omaha
  • A Flowering Spirit (mixed media) by Lily Durbin, Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart
  • Our aim (Academy of the Sacred Heart) Designed and created by ASH Primary teachers and children
  • Joy (watercolor and charcoal) by Olenka W., Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bethesda, MD
  • Oak Tree (Stuart Hall) by Jan W. 12th Grade; "Grow like a tree not like a mushroom” - Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ
  • from Woodlands Academy Courtesy of Woodlands Academy
  • Tree of Light and Beauty (Stuart Country Day School) by Isabel R. (Colored Pencil)
  • Peaceful Prayer by Andrew R., Fifth grade, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart
  • Learnings by faculty and staff of Forest Ridge
  • "We are all God's property, and your life must be one wild bird's song of praise, one wild flower's face looking up to God." -quote from JES (Atherton) from the Lower and Middle School at Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton CA, the media that was used in this collage was paint, markers, and color pencils, by Celia C., Geneva S., and Hannah S.
  • We Are All God's Property (paper and colored markers) by the Fifth and Seventh Grade (Ladies) of the Academy of the Sacred Heart, Sheridan Road under the direction of Katie Roeck (Middle School Art) and Catherine Kestler (Lower School Art)
  • Bryn Mawr (colored pencils) By P. Zozaya, 8th grade, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart - Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
  • Life is a Sacred Journey (Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill) By Women at the Well, an Upper School Campus Ministry Organization. Using Mother Stuart’s quote “Life is a sacred journey…”, a pathway to the Sacred Heart collage celebrates the many individuals who are in a community and one Sacred Heart family.
  • Geese (Josephinum) by Diana S. 12th Grade
  • Wildflowers (mixed media) by Faye Davidson, Charlotte Knowlton, Alexandra Marks, and Chelsea Wang, Duchesne Academy, Houston
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