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Lynching Sites Project site

The Lynching Sites Project of Memphis is a network of people seeking to, in the words of Ida B. Wells, "shine the light of truth" on past wrongs with the expectation that being honest about the past will allow us to better understand the present and begin to heal. The website is one of the primary public faces that the project has to display the research and work they are doing via an interactive map, articles, and scans of archival material. We were honored to be able to work on this project with them.

We built the site on Backdrop CMS with each lynching event set up as a term that could be applied to events, archival material, and news articles. This allowed us to tie all of those together on the detail pages. Each term could also have multiple "map points" defined. The front page pulls in the primary map point for each lynching event, and the detail page pulls in all of them for added context. We've integrated MapBox for the custom mapping functionality.

See below for a walkthrough of the main features of the site.

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