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Global NGO Online Technology Report

The 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report provides some interesting statistics about online technology and NGOs around the world. Would you have guessed that more NGOs have Facebook pages than have websites? (95% to 92% respectively).

Read the introduction below and visit TechReport.NGO to download the full report, including more about the methodology and outcomes.

About the Report: A collaborative research project by the Public Interest Registry and Nonprofit Tech for Good, the 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report is an inaugural effort to gain a better understanding of how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide use online tech- nology to communicate with their supporters and donors. Over the last two decades the NGO sector has embraced Internet technology, but at varying speeds based upon the Internet infrastructure of the country in which they reside. Social, economic, and political factors in each of the world’s countries have either hastened or hindered the development of Internet infrastructure, yet there is little research that compares NGOs globally and their use of online technology. The majority of data available is based on the NGO sector in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia and cannot be ap- plied to the vast majority of NGOs operating worldwide.

To address this gap in research, this report set out to provide better in- sight into online technology and its use within the global NGO sector.

The primary goals were:

  1. To set a baseline of data To set a baseline of data points about NGOs and their points about NGOs and their use of online technology use use of online technology across continents across continents.
  2. To better understand To better understand how trends in web and how trends in web and email communications, email communications, online online fundraising, and social fundraising, and social media media vary from continent vary from continent to to continent continent.
  3. To provide a set of To provide a set of basic benchmarks in basic benchmarks in online online technology use by technology use by continent continent so that NGOs so that NGOs worldwide worldwide have a better have a better understanding understanding of their own of their own online online technology use technology use.

 More at TechReport.NGO.

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