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Creation Centered Spirituality Retreats

Creation Centered Spirituality Retreat, New Hampshire, August 2012

Diane Roche, RSCJ, and Eleanor MacLellan, RSCJ, teamed up to lead six women on a hiking retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire from August 20th to 26th. Each day began with an optional yoga session led by Sheila Smith, RSCJ, at 6 AM followed by a half hour of input from Sister MacLellan, which featured a scriptural reference and insights from creation-centered spirituality.

Alligators to Zydeco Event (June 24-29) in New Orleans Raises Awareness

Joan Ewing, RSCJ, (left) and friend enjoy the unique scenery of Louisiana

While Tropical Storm Debby swirled in the Gulf of Mexico, members of the Healthy Waters Roundtable made airport runs to pick up participants from New York City and San Diego who were gathering at Duchesne House for a week long immersion in the culture and ecological reality of the Gulf Coast.  In all,  nine people, including five Religious of the Sacred Heart, two associates and two friends took part in some or all of the “Alligators to Zydeco” events which included a tour of a decommissioned oil rig used for training purposes, an overnight stay on Grand Isle, a pontoon boat ride in the Gul

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