JPIC Directory

We invite you to be part of our online searchable JPIC Directory. This tool will allow you to find and connect with other members of the Sacred Heart family who share similar interests and concerns related to justice. We look forward to finding out what each of us is already doing to protect God’s beautiful earth and make it a more loving and just place to live.

Name City State/Province Priorities
Marguerite Adams New Orleans Louisiana Poverty
Katie Adams Renton Washington Environment
Sarah Albano Wascura Fountain Hill Pennsylvania Anti-Racism, Environment
molly arthur San Francisco California Anti-Racism
Maria Asteinza Forest Hills New York Environment, Poverty
Laryn Bakker Memphis Tennessee
Carolyn Balducci MONTAUK New York Poverty
Marianne Basila Poverty
Tissie Bean Peace / Non-violence
Elizabeth Berg New Orleans Louisiana Environment
Ramona Berven San Francisco California
Colleen Biegger Clive Iowa Poverty
Anne Bost New York
Betsy Briardy Bellevue Washington
Alessandra Brown Hyde Park Massachusetts Anti-Racism
Lauren Brownlee Washington District of Columbia Anti-Racism, Immigration / Human Trafficking, Peace / Non-violence
Aurora Brunel Houston Texas Immigration / Human Trafficking, Peace / Non-violence, Poverty
Ada Burns Atherton California Environment
Lisa Buscher Washington District of Columbia Environment, Immigration / Human Trafficking, Peace / Non-violence
Grace Butler Bedford New Jersey Anti-Racism, Immigration / Human Trafficking
Clara Callahan Washington District of Columbia Poverty
Elizabeth Callam Chicago Illinois Environment, Poverty
Paiie Cantu Shoreline Washington Environment, Immigration / Human Trafficking
Bridgid Carey Rockville Maryland Poverty
Arlene Carlucci Environment, Peace / Non-violence
Mary Carnagie Lansing Michigan Environment
Matt Carroll San Francisco California Anti-Racism, Poverty
Anne Storey Carty Houston Texas
Meg Causey St Louis Missouri
Haifaa Chamma Bloomfield Hills Michigan Anti-Racism, Peace / Non-violence
Maureen Chicoine New Orleans Louisiana Anti-Racism
Agnes Chimbayo Redwood City California Anti-Racism, Immigration / Human Trafficking, Poverty
Yvonne Chow San Jose California
Maria Cimperman Chicago Illinois Anti-Racism
Frank Coco New Orleans Louisiana Environment, Peace / Non-violence, Poverty
Donna Collins St Louis Missouri Anti-Racism, Poverty
Anne Marie Conn Halifax Nova Scotia Environment
Trudy Considine Atherton California Environment, Immigration / Human Trafficking
Dolores (Dee) Copeland Redwood City California
Anne Corry Rome Immigration / Human Trafficking
Julianne Crotty-Guile Omaha Nebraska Immigration / Human Trafficking, Peace / Non-violence, Poverty
Andrea Crump Newport Rhode Island Peace / Non-violence
Ana de Armas Miami Florida Anti-Racism
Fran de la Chapelle Cambridge Massachusetts Immigration / Human Trafficking
Imma De Stefanis White Plains New York Immigration / Human Trafficking
Ginny Dennehy menlo park California Anti-Racism
Patricia Desmond Atherton California Immigration / Human Trafficking, Poverty
Meghan Donahue Chicago Illinois Immigration / Human Trafficking
Diane Donovan Cat Spring Texas Environment
Sister Angelique Dryden, OP Sparkill New York Environment, Immigration / Human Trafficking