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  • Solar Ovens in Haiti

    Solar Ovens in Haiti

    (Photo courtesy of Diane Roche, RSCJ)
  • Sprout Creek Farm candid camera

    (Photo by Georgie Blaeser, RSCJ)
  • Homeless

    Homeless in New Orleans

    (Photo courtesy of Mary Pat White, RSCJ)
  • Creation Center Spirituality Retreat

    (Photo courtesy of Diane Roche, RSCJ)
  • Justice and Peace

    Justice and Peace

    (Photo courtesy of Imma De Stefanis, RSCJ)
  • Oil rig

    An oil rig in the Gulf, taken at an Alligators to Zydeco gathering.

    (Photo courtesy of Diane Roche, RSCJ)

Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation

Office Updates

Taize Prayer will be offered on Sunday January 14th  and Sunday March 11th from 4-5:30 PM  at the Stuart Center (821 Varnum St.NE). 

On November 13th, 2017, members of the extended Sacred Heart family (Associates, Alums, RSCJ, faculty and staff from Stone Ridge) were among those packed into Dahlgren Chapel on the Georgetown University campus to participate in this heartfelt and honest discussion.  John Carr (Director of the Initiativ on Catholic Social thought and Public Life) moderated the conversation between Representative John Lewis, Archbishop Wilton Gregory, Dr. Marcia Chatelain and Rev. Jim Wallis.  Dr.

On Saturday,September 30th, RSCJ Associates Tamae Wong and Lauren Brownlee joined Sr. Diane Roche for a day-long event calling for racial justice.  The group gathered with over 3,000 other activists from around the country and marched from Lincoln Park in NE Washington to the Washington Monument.  Other friends met up with us along the way, including two Sisters of Mercy and a young man who is part of the extended Kearny St.

RSCJ joined with members of the Catholic Worker Movement, Pax Christi, Columban Center for Advocay, the Manhattan Project for a Nuclear Free World and other groups to pray that nuclear weapons will never be used again.  However, the US, along with many other countries that possess Nuclear weapons, recently boycotted the negotiations leading to the  UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons signed by 122 other countries.  Instead, the US is planning to spend trillions of dollars over the next decades to enhance and modernize our Nuclear arsenal.

The Society of the Sacred Heart's UN-NGO office and  the International JPIC Office in Rome have just begun publishing what will be a quarterly newsletter focusing on various justice issues of concern to all of us in the extended Sacred Heart family.  It will serve as a useful resource for those in classrooms and others seeking to understand how to act justly in light of our Sacred Heart charism  Click on the link below to explore this first issue.

As Religious of the Sacred Heart in the United States-Canada Province we are called by our recent Chapter Documents to stand in solidarity with “those who have been wounded, displaced, and excluded because of poverty, violence, and environmental degradation.”  

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