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Dreams Do Not Have Deadlines


In the spirit of Philippine Duchesne, the Ministry Office is publishing the story of some RSCJ as they have tried to live their lives by living their dreams.

We will begin with DREAMS DO NOT HAVE DEADLINES IN THE SPIRIT OF PHILIPPINE. This will be followed by a description of  our work at the UN. Following this article, will be VOICES AND TIPS FROM THE FIELD. This series will end focusing on WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO HAVE A MISSIONARY SPIRIT IN THE SPIRIT OF PHILIPPINE?. These reflections will be given by those who are missionaries or/and those who have been missionaries.

We hope that you enjoy.

The Ministry Office, January 2018

The Spirit that Drew Philippine Still Beckons (Sheila Smith, rscj, Ph.D.)

Sheila Smith, rscj, Ph.D.

Two hundred years after Philippine arrived in North America, I arrived at a new frontier of my own. My journey was shorter than hers – a short airplane flight from Ottawa, Canada to the United Nations (UN) in New York City. And I did not dream the way that Philippine did of coming to the new world in which I find myself. But, like her, I was strongly drawn by the Spirit in other ways.

DREAMS DON’T HAVE DEADLINES (Rose Marie Quilter, rscj)

In 2011, I began, unexpectedly, to experience a call to return to ministry with Mexican-Americans, which I had done in the 1980s, followed by over 20 years offering therapeutic massage, first in a private practice, and then to our elder Sisters in Albany, New York.  Since the call was gentle and persistent, I felt it needed testing.  So I told Jesus I would do nothing about it until he opened some doors, and if He did, I would walk through them!  Two months later, I met  Marimer Cepeda rscj at an immigration conference in Washington, DC.  Marimer, who is an herbalist/acupuncturist and holis

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