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The Grace of a Lifetime Awaits You (Nance O'Neil, rscj)

  • Nance O'Neil, rscj

In 1987, Helen McLaughlin came to the US for an LCWR meeting in Niagra Falls. She invited me to lunch by the falls. It was time for me to think of a change of ministry. “I know you’ve always wanted to serve outside the country, Nance. How about Indonesia?” “We’re not in Indonesia. Where is Indonesia?” “Our team decided a good way to celebrate Philippine’s upcoming canonization is for the Society to go to a new country, a country of the future and we’ve picked Indonesia.” “Well, of course I’m willing to go wherever you want me to, but if I can’t learn the language so I can communicate easily with people, it would not be a good idea.” “ They say it’s an easy language. Even you could learn it.” And so I went.

What would I advise someone who’s about to go? Be ready to meet God in astounding new ways. The grace of a lifetime awaits you.

–Nance O'Neil, rscj

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