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Who are we and what do we do?

We are 2000+ Religious of the Sacred Heart serving the Church in 41 countries. We are sent by the Church to communicate the Love of the Heart of Jesus. In Him, all find their true growth as persons and the way towards reconciliation with one another. We participate in the Mission of the Church through the service of education.

In the United States and Canada we are about 260. We have 10 Sisters who are serving abroad and 7 Sisters from other countries who are here studying. On the East Coast, we have 85 religious. In the Central United States and Canada we have 79 religious and on the West coast we have 86 religious.

 Our ministries are varied. You are invited to go to “Our Ministries” on the Ministry website where you will find listed the many ministries with which we are engaged. You are also invited to go to the Stuart Center website where you will discover all the ministries of the Stuart Center.

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