Nourishing our Common Heart for Mission

Goal I: We will  share what inspires us at this moment in our lives to live as Religious of the Sacred Heart and to connect to one another through the sacred space of the Heart

Goal II: We will nourish and strengthen the relationship between Associates and RSCJ by exploring how we live out our shared mission of "discovering and revealing the love of Christ in the heart of the world" in our distinct vocations


Schedule: Each day will include time of shared contemplation and prayer, dialogue in the large group and in small groups, and plenty of space in between.  The times listed includes an extended break for eating or retreating

We are counting on the full presence of each RSCJ during the four days of the Mission Forum.  To confirm your presence, please indicate your commitment for each day in the registration below. 

July 8 and 9:  The Religious of the Sacred Heart will have two days to reflect on what inspires them at this moment in their lives and to connect with one another at the heart level:

  • July 8 (RSCJ):
    11:00am EDT - 2:00pm EDT and 3:30pm EDT - 6:30pm EDT
  • July 9 (RSCJ):
    11:00am EDT - 2:00pm EDT and 3:30pm EDT - 6:30pm EDT

July 10 and 11: Associates and RSCJ who have attended the previous days of meetings will jointly explore the overlapping and distinct elements of their respective vocations:

  • July 10 (RSCJ + Associates):
    11:00am EDT - 2:00pm EDT and 3:00pm EDT - 4:00pm EDT
    • Followed By: Vow Ceremony at 5:30pm EDT of Ruth Cunnings to be held at Shrine of Philippine Duchesne, St. Charles, MO and available for livestream viewing for all those registered
  • July 11 (RSCJ + Associates):
    11:00am EDT - 2:00pm EDT and 3:30pm EDT - 6:30pm EDT
    • Concludes with the ritual of transfer of leadership and closing blessing 


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