Grave on the Prairie

Our Sacred Heart Story with the Potawatomi People in Kansas, 1841-1879 with author Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ, a four session online presentation and discussion with invited Indigenous speakers and Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ, author of Grave on the Prairie, Zoom links and any additional notes or information will be sent one week and repeated one day prior to each session. Author Maureen Chicoine will share insights on her research and writing of the Society’s story with its “Mission School”.  Jerilyn DeCoteau will talk about the broader context of Indigenous education policy in the US to set a context for our “Mission School” and Dr. Kelli Mosteller, Director of Citizen Potawatomi National Cultural Heritage Center will share in further depth about Potawatomi history and Potawatomi today.

Session one: February 2, 2022

  • Session One:  Wednesday, February 2: with author Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ and guest presenter, Jerilyn DeCoteau who will give context about the Indigenous educational history and general history of Indigenous in the  United States, 1841-1879

Session One Study and Preparation Guide

Jerilyn DeCoteau resources

Session One was recorded February 2, 2022.

Session Two: February 16, 2022

Session Two:  Wednesday, February 16: featuring author Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ and discussion of the book selection in light of the presentation by Jerilyn DeCoteau, featuring a panel of four women of the Sacred Heart who will respond to their learning (see session 2 study guide for details)

Session Two Preparation Guide

Session Two Resources

A Modified Litany

Opening Prayer,

Reflection by Mary Kay Hunyady, RSCJ

A Reflection by Kristi Laughlin, Associate

A Reflection, Jennifer Morfin

Session Two was recorded February 16, 2022.

Session Three: March 2, 2022

Session Three Preparation

Dr. Kelli Mosteller

Session Three was recorded March 2, 2022.
Presentation by Dr. Kelli Mosteller

Session Four: March 16, 2022

  • Session Four:  Wednesday, March 16:  featuring author Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ discussion of the book selection in light of the presentation by Dr. Kelli Mosteller.  An opportunity for reflective summary of the experience for the family of the Sacred Heart will also be provided

Session Four Study and Preparation Guide

Session Four was recorded on March 16, 2022.