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About us

The Stuart Center is a project of the Society of the Sacred Heart to foster a more just society through educational initiatives, technology and leadership development in collaboration with social justice, religious and nonprofits groups whose mission is aligned with that of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

From the Director

Imma De Stefanis, RSCJ, Ph.D.Parity for All Women Everywhere

We at the Stuart Center stand with and by all who seek parity for women in all sectors of society throughout the world.

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Volunteer and NGO sites

The following information will provide you with helpful information about nonprofit and NGO sites. Updated May 12, 2016.


CEDC (nonprofit web & graphic design)

2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report

The 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report provides some interesting statistics about online technology and NGOs around the world. Would you have guessed that more NGOs have Facebook pages than have websites? (95% to 92% respectively).

Meetings & Conference Facilities

The Collins Room Upgraded

The Collins Room has received a facelift and a tech upgrade!  With thanks in part to James (Jim) Collins, brother of Sr. Kt Collins, rscj for ...

Educational Initiatives & Leadership

AMASC's First International Youth Meeting in June!

If you attended a Sacred Heart school anywhere in the world,are between 18 and 25,would like to share your experience and build new connections... then join others like yourself at AMASC's First International Youth Meeting in Washington, DC from June 27-July 1.

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