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About us

The Stuart Center is a project of the Society of the Sacred Heart to foster a more just society through educational initiatives, technology and leadership development in collaboration with social justice, religious and nonprofits groups whose mission is aligned with that of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

From the Director

As part of our firm commitment to justice and environmental sustainability locally, domestically and abroad, we are happy to announce that The Stua

Meetings & Conference Facilities

Partnering with Generation Hope

For the second year in a row Generation Hope selected the Stuart Center to host their Summer Bridge workshop. Over 25 Generation Hope scholarship a...

Educational Initiatives & Leadership

Hope lives here for the immigrant community

We are deeply troubled by government policies that denigrate and demonize immigrants.  While remaining realistic about the challenges, we choo...


Justice, Peace & the Integrity of Creation

March for Racial Justice

On Saturday,September 30th, RSCJ Associates Tamae Wong and Lauren Brownlee joined Sr. Diane Roche for a day-long event calling for racial justice.&...

CEDC (nonprofit web & graphic design)

Lynching Sites Project site

The Lynching Sites Project of Memphis is a network of people seeking to, in the words of Ida B. Wells, "shine the light of truth" on past wrongs wi...


Who are we and what do we do?

We are 2000+ Religious of the Sacred Heart serving the Church in 41 countries. We are sent by the Church to communicate the Love ...

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