Today’s youth meet with an unprecedented, often overwhelming, number of choices and challenges in their lives. Some of these stem from violence in places that should offer safety and security; neighborhoods and schools, for example. Some spring from a world without boundaries or limits when technology and social media are used in irresponsible, harmful ways rather than as tools for growth and good. At the same time, we recognize the enormous potential younger generations hold.
The Stuart Center is a sponsored ministry of the Society of the Sacred Heart, United States-Canada Province. As such, our foundress, St. Madeline Sophie Barat, inspires us in our priority commitment to youth. Like her, our work and programs are driven by a deep desire for youth and young adults, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed and socioeconomic status to have the opportunity to:

  • experience the joy and challenges of being part of the human family through service to others;
  • understand that as global citizens their lives hold the potential to make our world a better place;
  • know that they are both loved and called to be ambassadors of love, kindness, peace and justice;
  • belong to a community that offers authenticity and support; and
  • build a life shaped by faith in God, self and humanity.