The Stuart Center stands in solidarity with all those who seek a better life for themselves, their families and their children. Every day thousands of people leave behind all that is familiar in search of safety from violence or oppression. Many others dream of providing their children with access to education, healthcare and opportunities that will change the course of their lives. Others are fleeing conditions of extreme poverty and hunger. Regardless of the motive for leaving, the vast majority of migrating peoples suffer human rights violations. We recognize the dignity of each human being alongside each one’s right to live a life free from oppression and violence. We also recognize that immigration law in the US is in dire need of reform, particularly in cases where children and parents are separated from one another.

The trafficking of persons is a violent, inhumane act found with increasing prevalence worldwide. Women and children are the primary victims of trafficking. It is an atrocious violation of the rights and dignity of each person. We commit ourselves to partnering with those who work for a just and compassionate response to those who migrate and/or are trafficked. We actively seek collaborations with organizations who share our commitment to put a stop to unethical, inhumane practices and to support the health, education and general well-being of all those who suffer. We promote programs for the empowerment of men, women, youth and children to help them regain a sense of dignity and control over their lives.