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RSCJ in New York and DC Remember Hiroshima

  • Gwen Hoeffle, rscj, at Hiroshima event in NYC
  • Diane Roche, rscj, at Hiroshima event in WDC

RSCJ joined with members of the Catholic Worker Movement, Pax Christi, Columban Center for Advocay, the Manhattan Project for a Nuclear Free World and other groups to pray that nuclear weapons will never be used again.  However, the US, along with many other countries that possess Nuclear weapons, recently boycotted the negotiations leading to the  UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons signed by 122 other countries.  Instead, the US is planning to spend trillions of dollars over the next decades to enhance and modernize our Nuclear arsenal.  As with the original atom bomb, once a new technology has been developed, there is great pressure to test it and use it.  Let us pray that we will find a more life-giving way to invest the financial and physical resources of this country.

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