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International JPIC Reflection Process Launched

  • International JPIC Reflection Process

On the Feast of St. Philippine every RSCJ and Associate in the USC received a formal invitation by email from Anne Corry,rscj, the head of the International JPIC Office in Rome, to participate in a six month reflection process on justice themes that had arisen during the 2016 General Chapter in Rome.  While the email included a general plan, Anne encouraged each Province to be creative and  adapt the plan to reflect its own social and politial reality.  Here in the USC Province the Office of the JPIC at the Stuart Center is coordinating this process in a way that engages all our consituents. On December 3rd a Survey Monkey ( went out to RSCJ, Associates, Network school personnel and Alums, inviting them to chose one of four topics (Racism, Poverty, Immigration and the Environment) upon which they would like to reflect.  Reflecting the Chapter Call to "Embrace Silence" the first stage of the process is done privately.  During the week of December 10th, each person who signed up reeived a resource packet via email with links, books, movies and articles related to the topic he or she had chosen.  During the first week of January, participants will be divided into groups of 8-10 people who will be matched with a facilitator who will convene the group either face-to-face or using a technological platform (such as Zoom, Google Hangout or conference calls.)  Groups will only be required to meet three times, once in January, once in March and once in May, but groups are free to meet more often and to continue meeting as long their time together is life-giving.  Brief reports with the answers to a few reflection questions will be sent to the JPIC Office at the Stuart Center after each of the three required meetings.  These responses will be compiled into a report which will be shared with all participants and will be sent to the International JPIC Office in Rome to help with planning the 2018 meeting in the Philippines. 

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