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Strength through partnerships

Partnership is a core value at the Stuart Center.  Partnership with those seeking social change through relationships marked by mutual respect, openness and a commitment to justice and peace For us a partnership must act as a catalyst for all parties is at the cornerstone of all we do.  The partnership we have developed witih the Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) in San Antonio, Texas is one that continues to grow.  Most recently Reyna González, RSCJ, Director of the EIL Office, spent a few days offering a workshop on Compassionate Leadership iin the Spirit of Solidarity.  It was offered to 20 young adults from the Catholic Extension Program.  All the participants were members of MACC{s program called "Hispanic Ministry in the 21st Century."   As its mission statement says, the Catholic Extension is a papal society that is answering Pope Francis' call to go out to America's "peripheries."  It builds churches and the Church in America's poorest places.  To learn more about a variety of leadership training programs for staff, managers and young adults, contact Reyna Gonzalez at

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