Wrest/rest artwork
Dec 09, 18 | Administration

To WREST -- the battle in the middle of the night -- when meaning is the match that hits the flint of our darkest fears, greatest regrets and biggest sufferings. That still small voice in the middle of the night that flips me from one side to the next, both internally and externally and I feel piercingly alone with the unrelenting force.

Hand at harvest
Nov 23, 18 | Administration

We, who gather at this table
invite SILENCE to be seated with us
that we might be One
with all those who discover
new frontiers
who dare to dream
who choose to create a world
of justice...

Here be (friendly) dragons
Nov 09, 18 | CEDC

Mapping out a nonprofit use-case for Backdrop CMS.

Photo by Dmitri Popov
Oct 30, 18 | CEDC

When you redesign a site, chances are that your structure may change and your URLs may change. If you don't plan ahead, you could throw away a lot of the search engine optimization you may have already achieved. When a search engine comes back to index your site again after a redesign, it will find that many (or all) of the old URLs no longer function and it will drop them and then reindex your new pages as new pages instead of as new versions of existing pages (which already have some ranking).

Photo by Seth kane
Oct 23, 18 | CEDC

Tip #5: Making your site accessible will make your SEO job simpler.

Photo by Steve Harvey
Oct 16, 18 | CEDC

Continuing our series of SEO tips, we come to what is probably the most important of all: add good content to the site, and add it regularly. You are developing this site for people, not for search engine robots...

Photo by Imma De Stefanis, RSCJ
Oct 02, 18 | EIL

The EIL Office is getting ready for World Youth Day in Panama – January 22-27, 2019.

Oct 02, 18 | Conference Center

The Conference Center is proud to announce the addition of Duchesne Room to its offerings. It is a newly renovated space suitable for groups of up to 25 with various layout options.. This space is especially compatible for young adult groups and includes the option of a meditation room. As we continue to upgrade and renovate our facilities we encourage you to help us spread the word.

Bridget Bearss, RSCJ
Oct 01, 18 | Administration

The Stuart Center is pleased to welcome Bridget Bearss, RSCJ as its new Executive Director. Read more about her.

Photo by John Carlisle
Oct 01, 18 | CEDC

Tip #3: Links from external sites to your own are like "votes of confidence" that increase your search ranking.