Photo by Steve Harvey
Oct 16, 18 | CEDC

Continuing our series of SEO tips, we come to what is probably the most important of all: add good content to the site, and add it regularly. You are developing this site for people, not for search engine robots...

Photo by Imma De Stefanis, RSCJ
Oct 02, 18 | EIL

The EIL Office is getting ready for World Youth Day in Panama – January 22-27, 2019.

Oct 02, 18 | Conference Center

The Conference Center is proud to announce the addition of Duchesne Room to its offerings. It is a newly renovated space suitable for groups of up to 25 with various layout options.. This space is especially compatible for young adult groups and includes the option of a meditation room. As we continue to upgrade and renovate our facilities we encourage you to help us spread the word.

Bridget Bearss, RSCJ
Oct 01, 18 | Administration

The Stuart Center is pleased to welcome Bridget Bearss, RSCJ as its new Executive Director. Read more about her.

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Oct 01, 18 | CEDC

Tip #3: Links from external sites to your own are like "votes of confidence" that increase your search ranking.

Heart Magazine, JPIC Edition, Vol. 15, No. 2 (2018)
Sep 24, 18 | JPIC

An issue of Heart magazine has been dedicated entirely to JPIC. Read the online version now to get an up-close look at some of our activities as Stuart Center and as the United States-Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We hope the words and images will inspire and encourage you in our shared efforts to create a world where the dignity of each person and the integrity of creation are fully recognized. (Via


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Aug 23, 18 | CEDC

We've prepared a logo questionnaire for nonprofits that need to have a logo designed (or re-designed). If you need some help brainstorming, take a look at the questions we ask and see if they are helpful. As designers, having this information at the start of a project will help not only provide you with a more accurate cost estimate, but will ensure that we are designing according to your specifications and that the end result is better matched to your organizational needs.

Reyna Gonzalez with participants in the Compassionate Leadership workshop
Aug 13, 18 | EIL

Partnership is a core value at the Stuart Center.  Partnership with those seeking social change through relationships marked by mutual respect, openness and a commitment to justice and peace For us a partnership must act as a catalyst for all parties is at the cornerstone of all we do.  The partnership we have developed witih the Mexican American Catholic College (MACC) in San Antonio, Texas is one that continues to grow.  Most recently Reyna González, RSCJ, Director of the EIL Office, spent a few days offering a workshop on Compassionate Leadership in the Spirit of Solidarity.

Aug 13, 18 | Administration

Do you have an image of your vision?   Most of us wrestle through the precise wording of a mission statement about “us” here and now, and then find ourselves articulating a vision that looks more like a values statement or feels like an elusive ideal.  In other words, the mission feels concrete and the vision abstract.  Is it no wonder that the realization of a vision or the quest for a ”true visionary leader” often falls short? 

Image by Laryn Kragt Bakker
Aug 09, 18 | CEDC

One of the questions we are frequently asked is “How much does it cost for a website?” Our usual answer is “It depends.” It's kind of like asking “How much is a new car?” It depends on a lot of factors, such as which options you want to include, whether it's a Tesla and so on. Your best bet is to put together a strong RFP (Request for Proposal) that you can send around to give an accurate idea of the scope of the new site and get an accurate estimate of what it will cost to build it.