Sep 19, 19 | JPIC

We've pulled out some JPIC-related dates to take special note of this month.

Hispanic Heritage Month
Sep 12, 19 | JPIC

Each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) by celebrating the cultures and contributions of American citizens who came from — or whose ancestors came from — Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Click here for the Hispanic Heritage Month web site that includes a wide range of educational and promotional resources


Aug 19, 19 | JPIC

Recently, the 663 LCWR members assembled in Scottsdale affirmed and issued a letter to President Trump beseeching him to end all divisive rhetoric. It states, in part, "We implore you to never use language that disrespects, dehumanizes, or demonizes others. We expect our president, and all who serve this nation as leaders, to be always mindful of the common good and the dignity of each and every person. You hold a position that has the potential to inspire the best of every one of us and we ask you to use this unique status to bring about healing and never seek to create division."

Statement on Mass Shootings in El Paso and Dayton
Aug 06, 19 | JPIC

In the wake of yet two more mass shootings in the United States within 24 hours, we join our voice with people of good will from all faiths, who are demanding an end to the legislative paralysis that prevents common sense gun control from being enacted in this country.

RSCJ Attend UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons
Jul 30, 19 | JPIC

Meg Causey, RSCJ, Sheila Smith, RSCJ and Rita Pinto, RSCJ meet together at the UN and attend the UN Commemoration of the United Nations' World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, 2019.  

Society of the Sacred Heart NGO Representative, Sheila Smith RSCJ collaborates with others in more than a decade of working with First Nations communities in rural Canad.  She was co-founder of Persons Against the Crime of Trafficking in Humans, or PACT, which is based in Ottawa.


Stuart Center joins with others on behalf of Immigrant Children
Jul 25, 19 | JPIC

The Stuart Center/Society of the Sacred Heart made visible our commitment to immigrant children through participation in the planning and implementation of the Catholic Day of Action on July 18.  Along with hundreds of Catholics spanning the nation and representing more than 200 Catholic organizations, members of the Stuart Center Team and supporters, gathered on the West lawn of the US Capitol.  The day's events included a rally and prayer condemning the treatment of migrant children and the opportunity to hear from both Catholic leaders and those impacted by the decisions made in recent m

Solar panels on the roof of the Stuart Center, Washington DC.
Jul 17, 19 | Administration

As part of our firm commitment to justice and environmental sustainability locally, domestically and abroad, we are happy to announce that after a multi-year process, the Stuart Center has gone solar!  By taking this concrete action, we reduce our carbon footprint and expect to produce approximately 92% of what we consume in kilowatts.

Statement on Humanitarian Crisis at the United States-Mexico Border
Jul 03, 19 | JPIC

The current government policies terrorize and traumatize children, and must be stopped. The need for immigration reform does not give our government permission to violate the dignity and basic human rights of children, and we cannot remain silent while this is being done.

Soccer image
Jul 01, 19 | CEDC

Backdrop shares much of the deep integration with CiviCRM that Drupal 7 offers. This includes the ability to create dynamic views of CiviCRM content (e.g. filterable directories of contact info), the ability to sync membership status to a Backdrop role (e.g. members only content), and the power that Webform CiviCRM provides (e.g. forms that push and pull data from your contact database). That said, some of CiviCRM's core functionality is still a few steps removed.

JPIC: Being Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World
Jun 29, 19 | JPIC

The Society of the Sacred Heart gathered global leaders from the 41 countries served by the Religious of the Sacred Heart.  Each of these leaders holds particular responsibility for the work of JPIC (Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation) for the region in which they serve and live.