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Two hundred years after Philippine arrived in North America, I arrived at a new frontier of my own. My journey was shorter than hers – a short airplane flight from Ottawa, Canada to the United Nations (UN) in New York City. And I did not dream the way that Philippine did of coming to the new world in which I find myself. But, like her, I was strongly drawn by the Spirit in other ways.

In 2011, I began, unexpectedly, to experience a call to return to ministry with Mexican-Americans, which I had done in the 1980s, followed by over 20 years offering therapeutic massage, first in a private practice, and then to our elder Sisters in Albany, New York.  Since the call was gentle and persistent, I felt it needed testing.  So I told Jesus I would do nothing about it until he opened some doors, and if He did, I would walk through them!  Two months later, I met  Marimer Cepeda rscj at an immigration conference in Washington, DC.  Marimer, who is an herbalist/acupuncturist and holis

In 1992, I started working at Rachel’s Women’s Center in Washington, DC. I had a dream but it took a few years to know where I would be going. I read the book, “We Make the Road by Walking”, by Paulo Friere.

We are 2000+ Religious of the Sacred Heart serving the Church in 41 countries. We are sent by the Church to communicate the Love of the Heart of Jesus. In Him, all find their true growth as persons and the way towards reconciliation with one another. We participate in the Mission of the Church through the service of education.

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Cecile Meijer, RSCJ with Barbara Dawson, RSCJ

Cecile Meijer RSCJ has been the representative of the Society of the Sacred Heart at the United Nations since 2003. Her responsibilities included not only attendance at U.N. conferences and meetings, but also travel to other provinces of the Society to explain the importance of the U.N. and to learn about issues of particular importance on the local scene. With her 'home base' in New York City for many years, she has hosted groups of students (including many from other countries), and developed a website to keep RSCJ around the world abreast of important issues and events.

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