JPIC Lenten Journey: Vulnerability and a Compassionate Heart

This week we enter into Holy Week and approach the end of our JPIC Lenten Journey.  As you  recall we began the season with a self-paced retreat and now we close with one.  We invite you to take longer periods of reflection and meditation this weekend to prepare ourselves to live Holy Week and walk with Jesus.  The best way to be close to His heart is to recognize our own vulnerability and compassionate heart.  This week is also called passion week and so let us move through this week with the passion and compassion of our Lord.  Thank you for being part of the journey. 

JPIC Lenten Journey: Power

As we have heard and know (in our heads), power in itself is neither good nor bad; it is a matter of how we use it.  The reality, however, is that this can sound a bit cliché and a lot different than what we experience, observe, exercise in our everyday lives.

Lent is the PERFECT TIME to reflect deeply on the power we do have – yes, we ALL have power – and how we use it as saints and sinners. 

This week we invite you to reflect on various aspects of power in relation to social justice and social change.

JPIC Lenten Journey: Gender Equity - Working Towards Equality for All

Welcome to the fourth full week of Lent on our JPIC Lenten Journey. Today we share the materials for the week of reflections on “Gender Equity: Working Towards Equality for All.” Gender equity and equality are foundational elements for all the emerging themes from the Society of the Sacred Heart’s International JPIC meeting in November 2018 in the Philippines as well the ongoing themes in the Society’s Chapter documents and for the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.