What is Catholic Social Teaching?

The mission of JSRI reflects the intention of the founders that the institute would “apply Catholic social teaching to the concrete realities of these regions…” Rooted in the Scriptures and the teaching of the Catholic Church, Catholic Social Teaching represents a developing tradition which includes organic and systematic reflection on social realities, ethical principles, and application of those principles to current circumstances. The foundation and primary object are the dignity of the human person with its inalienable rights, which form the nucleus of the truth about the human person.

Catholic Social Thought and Health Care

Catholic discussion of health care begins with the Catholic teaching that health care is a basic human right. As the U.S. Bishops recently explained, “The first right of the human person, the right to life, entails a right to the means for the proper development of life, such as adequate health care.” The key enunciation of this right was made in 1963 when Blessed Pope John XXIII articulated human rights that are “universal and inviolable, and therefore altogether inalienable.” This right is contained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The U.S.